8 Recipes to improve "sex" for men

1. Say "No" to Tobacco
Everyone understands smokers caused many serious diseases like heart disease, lung cancer, throat cancer ... Not only that, tobacco also causes affecting married couples living. According to research by Dr. Herbenick, the nicotine in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels so that blood vessels in the penis especially vulnerable, reducing the excitement of men in sex. Tobacco use also causes many adverse impacts on the fertility of men. So giving up smoking in men is not only good for "sex" but also good for your health
2. Practice sport
Exercise daily or choose to play one sport not only improve health and give you one standard form, but also capable of curing many diseases because of signs of aging, such as coronary artery disease, chronic male sex, erectile dysfunction ... Exercise also helps cheerful mood, enjoying life more, which increases the energy of your daily activities, easily irritated "sex" more attractive than for partners, frequency of love so that increase. Dr. Jennifer Berman, Director of the Center for Women's Health Care in Beverly Hills Berman, Canifornia: "Regular exercise can help both men and women improve their sex lives and boost libido sexuality. "
Sports training increases blood flow, decrease of cholesterol, stimulate the libido in both men and women. Exercise increases endorphins help blood circulation and makes the process take longer erections help prolong the relationship in those with erectile dysfunction.
3. Relieve Stress
If these previous studies showed that stress can cause heart disease, asthma, obesity and depression, the study of American scientists from the University of Colombia and several other medical institutes showed more ability to image Effects of stress on semen quality and sperm, namely those facing stress at work, high stress affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins - reduces testosterone and decrease in semen production sperm. Moreover, putting further stress oxidative imbalance - a physiological stress on the body caused by the damage from the free radicals are not neutralized - which is related to sperm quality and fertility.
These techniques like meditation or stress relief yoga can improve your sex life. According to Ms. Berman: "Stress is a silent killer, it's worse than heart disease or cancer. Stress increases cortisol and adrenaline hormones that cause anxiety can affect sex hormone ".
4. Get enough sleep
US experts said the phenomenon of insomnia in addition to declining health was often irritable with those around you as well as work ineffective. Insomnia also affects sexual performance in both men and women. Many studies show that women need to sleep about 7 hours / night, while men need about 7.5 hours / night, so, the insomnia in men can affect the ability of men as hard to the top, the risk of impotence, causes sleepwalking sex ... When the quality of sleep, the body vulnerable to fatigue and had no energy, as well as difficulty achieving orgasm as desired, long prone to make object or impotence premature ejaculation.
Get enough sleep not only helps you improve your mental and physical strength, but also can increase libido and improve your sex life.
5. Limit beer, wine
Beer and some wines can bring certain benefits for health, however, drink more alcohol, beer can also cause some liver disease, increases the risk of depression, decreased functional Physiological and desires. Alcohol can alter the structure of the testis, and is one of the factors that reduce testosterone levels (male hormones) in the serum of men. Alcohol is believed to be the main cause leading to impotence in men. Drink heavily for a long time can make men infertile.
In a certain limit, red wine or other alcohol products can bring some benefits. Some wine as red wine contains flavonoids may help fight cancer or heart disease. However, drinking alcohol also increases the risk of depression. You should only drink in a limited, one a day for women and two drinks for men.
6. Consume less coffein
Caffeine is a stimulant found in some beverages including soft drinks, coffee and some teas. As reported by Drugs.com, caffeine acts as a stimulant, increasing the activity of the central nervous system. In men, caffeine can cause a feeling of increased energy and concentration. Using higher doses it causes feeling "jittery" and muscle tremors, diuretic ... Some evidence coffein (in chocolate) can positively affect sexual desire. Although there is no clear evidence on the relationship between dysfunction coffein and genitals, doctors still recommend coffein loaded into the body at a moderate level to have a healthy life.
7. regular health checks
According to Dr. Nguyen Huu Duc - Lecturer HCMC University of Medicine, Diabetes and Hypertension in the two diseases related to physical weakness. Additionally, due to excess cholesterol disease also causes physiological weak men. So, should regularly check the health and appropriate treatment to prevent and terminate these threats.
8. Use Good food for "sex"
     Diets deficient in vitamin A, E, amino acids, fatty acids and zinc or potassium in the diet can also cause physical disability, affecting the sperm production of the male. Diet colorful fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants are good for health, especially sexual health, so can increase libido and improve your sex life. Berman said the addition of a multivitamin and antioxidants like lycopene to help prevent prostate cancer and help enhance libido.
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